Fashion is a very fickle thing. Something that may be the ‘must have’ items of the season is soon outdated. Older trends may often come back into vogue. These become known as retro designs. There is only one style that maintains its elegance and style throughout the decades, this style is ‘classic’. The definition of the word means an items that has been judged over time and deemed to represent the highest quality of its kind. This can be applied to the fashion of clothes or the fashion of interior design. It can sometimes be difficult to achieve a classic design in a living room; there are so many items incorrectly labelled like these. Although a true classic living room must contain some key items to create the authentic classic design. Here at homify we have researched the classic living rooms of the world and have identified how to get a  stilysh living room in 2016.

Classic Low Boy Keen Replicas

Classic solid mahogany by Keen Replicas

A classic living room would not be complete without a few antiques. These can be furniture pieces, objects, lamps or fittings.  Should contain at least two pieces of antique furniture. Keep a look out for antique side boards, armchairs or fireplaces. These items can set the scene for a stunning  living room. This living room has two classic antiques that create a wonderful, homely living room atmosphere. The drawers are stunning. The detail in the ornately carved legs are highlighted by the light. The timber hue created adds warmth to the room. This matches the details in the legs of the armchair. This armchair is amazing. Its green shade is a colour used in antique  furniture worldwide.